The following are some excerpts from my book entitled: The Threshold of Eternity ~ A
Spiritual Journey.  
Bruce's recent book:
The Threshold of Eternity ~ A Spiritual Journey,
By Bruce L. Williamson
From Darkness into Light – A Story of Hope; from Atheism to Belief.

I wandered lost on the pathway of my life for some nineteen years, before finally

arriving at the day of total despair. I had experienced low times like this before,
even to the point of wanting to kill myself. Yet, they had never taken me to this
level of utter distress. It seemed my road had unexpectedly dead-ended. There
was no light at the end of the tunnel ~ only darkness. Not understanding the
meaning of life, or how I should live it, I sank into hopelessness and lacked the
will to go on. Yet, out of this moment of darkness came my first real prayer: “God,
some people say you exist. If you do ~ please help me to believe. For you are so
great and my mind is so small. I cannot do it on my own, but only with your help.”

Then, in my turmoil, I slammed my hands on my study desk and began to
scribble in frustration, with a pen one hand chanced upon. In the middle of that
emotional release, I awakened to the strange sensation of someone holding and
guiding my hand. I looked down just in time to see my hand finishing a very
accurate scribble portrait of Christ. That grace-filled moment changed my life forever.

Many touches of providence followed this life-changing event. They served to strengthen my newly-found
faith. I was not Christian before this happened ~ my parents were professed atheists. Family life was
dysfunctional and abusive. I had struggled long and hard to make sense of my life. I had sought love and
happiness, yet I always came up empty-handed. But now, with belief, I set out on a whole new journey.
My desire to do God’s will led me on an amazing odyssey that took me half-way around the world to a
seminary in Rome. While there I had the privilege of meeting and assisting Mother Teresa, whose work also
brought her to Rome. There, under the dome of St Peter’s Basilica, at the hands of Pope John Paul II, I was
ordained a priest.

My journey and vocation, however, were not always so predictable. In good will I gave my all to God, but my
journey had some unusual twists. God did not always lead me where I expected. My years in the priesthood
were happy, yet not without inner turmoil. In time, a clearer and more honest discernment of God’s will
revealed that the priesthood was not my calling.

For most of my life I kept my conversion story a secret. When on occasion I did share some of it, people
wanted to know more about my life. Now getting on in years, I think the time is right to share my story. I
believe it is a gift to be shared, a way of sharing a portion of God’s grace with others. It is not a story about
success, or personal goodness, but about God’s love. This is my spiritual journey ~ a story of God’s mercy. I
hope it will move you to reflect on your own life and give thanks to God for the gifts he has bestowed on you.

The above story is t
he introduction of the yet unpublished book: The Threshold of Eternity – A Spiritual
, by Bruce L. Williamson. All contents are copyrighted. Copies of any part are strictly prohibited by
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